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Google AdWords

Expand your Client Data base with Google Adwords!

Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising program that lets you reach new customers and grow your business. With AdWords, you choose where your ad appears, set a budget you’re comfortable with, and measure the impact of your ad.

Businesses that use AdWords can create relevant ads using keywords that people who search the Web using the Google search engine would use. The keyword, when searched for triggers your ad to be shown. AdWords at the top ads that appear under the heading “Sponsored Links” found on the right-hand side or above Google search results. If your AdWords ad is clicked on, Google search users are then directed to your website.

What kind of campaigns work for Google Adwords?

Advertising with AdWords starts with creating a campaign. The type of campaign you choose to create should be based on your advertising goals.

The campaign type determines where customers will be able to see your ads, but you make this more specific by targeting your ads.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Google AdWords!

1. Measurable and Flexible

One of the main advantages that online marketing has over traditional marketing channels, is that it’s extremely easy to measure. Google Adwords is one of the most measurable online channels! Social media can be equally difficult to measure. In comparison, AdWords provides tons of metrics! Allowing you to see what does and does not work for your audience, this gives you the advantage to focus on what DOES work!
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2. Faster Than SEO

SEO can take time before you notice any results. This is not the case with AdWords. When your AdWords campaign goes live, you’ll get instant results, like visitor data. Not only will this bring in a little bit of money right away, but because of its speed, you start to discover how effective your keywords are, which can then be used to construct effective SEO campaigns based on your AdWords.
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3. More Engaging

Google is constantly improving AdWords because it’s one of its primary sources of income. Along the way Google noticed that product listing ads and in-video ads on YouTube get more more clicks from users. These engaging ads mean more revenue for Google, and advertisers as well because of new ad formats. Also consider this. YouTube has over 1 billion uniques a month as well as several billion views a day.
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4. Affordable & Reliable

Something really awesome about AdWords? You can set a cost per day for your campaign. How does this help your business? Allowing you to budget your campaign without worrying if you’re going to go over budget. The worst case scenario is that the amount of ads will begin to decrease as your budget gets lower. However, you can increase your budget. This option can score you a lot of leads in a short amount of time.
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  • Where will my campaign show?

    Your ad can show when people anywhere include your location in their searches (e.g. “pizza Sandton”) or when people are already in your geographic area and simply search for your product or service (e.g. “pizza restaurant”).

  • Where will people see my campaign geographically?

    No. If you don’t have a website, you can get started with Google My Business

  • Do I need a website to use AdWords Express?

    No. All you need is a postal address. If for some reason you’d like to hide your address (for instance, you work at home or have a mobile business) you can easily make it private. However, AdWords Express is specifically designed for local businesses. If you want to advertise in a larger geographic area, consider using AdWords.

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