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About the Website

Bellabaci International is the creator of the hand-squeezable cupping massage system. Through the years, they have enhanced our range to contain skin-loving formulas that honor the highest standards to bring a natural alternative to the spa and wellness industries. Since 2007, they have grown from 1 country to 25 and have prestige distributors in most countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Singapore, The Baltics, and many more.


We did the Bellabaci Online Store! Here you can browse a variety of Bellabaci products below including Bellabaci Cups, Genies, Facial Cups and more! Utilizing Woocommerce, we built a custom multi-currency online shop that handles different prices and shipping rules for different regions, wholesale orders, order notifications, follow up emails and more!

Beautiful and Engaging Social Media

We did a variety of different social post for Bellabaci Social Media Platforms. We did Video posts, Graphic Images, we tagged their products in their posts/ We also did a lot of competition posts for Bellabaci. Bellabaci had an increase of the audience on their Social Media Platform after we took over.

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Our philosophy is simple: Websites that look amazing, are unique, functional, interactive, easy to navigate, and high ranking excel. A website cannot be successful without all of these attributes, which is why we never compromise on a single one. If you are thinking of starting a website, or wanting to take your current website to the next level, we have no doubt we can create something amazing for you!

Keren Trabelsi
Originator/CEO of Bellabaci
For the past 7 years, Brad and his team from Vertex Central have been a crucial part of making our business the global success it is today. They become your family which is very rare in today’s life. We love working with them and always know that they have our back 24/7

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