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It all started when she was looking for a small inexpensive, high-quality gift for a function she had to attend. She realized that all the little gifts that she could afford were not exactly something anyone would really use, and that was how Favors Galore was born.


We did the Favors Galore Online Store! Here you can browse a variety of Favors Galore products. Utilizing Woocommerce, we built a custom multi-currency online shop that handles different prices and shipping rules for different regions, wholesale orders, order notifications, follow up emails and more!

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How did we make it all happen?

Focus on the Clients Goals, Ease-of-use & Responsiveness

Our philosophy is simple: Websites that look amazing, are unique, functional, interactive, easy to navigate, and high ranking excel. A website cannot be successful without all of these attributes, which is why we never compromise on a single one. If you are thinking of starting a website, or wanting to take your current website to the next level, we have no doubt we can create something amazing for you!

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