9 Tips to give your e-commerce website the competitive edge!
November 15, 2015 0

E-commerce is a fast growing market, and extremely competitive. Follow the easy steps below to make your website stand out from the rest!\

1. Don’t force your visitors to think!

Make sure your site is easy to navigate through, and has a nice search facility.

2. Leave an easy to find train

Breadcrumbs such as “Online Catalogue > Home Furnishings > Lighting > Table Lamps” makes for easy navigation, and helps the visitor enjoy the site as much as possible.

3. Cut to the chase!

Make use of the full screen to minimize scrolling, and make your checkout as simple and easy as possible

4. Watch your website’s weight!

Optimise images for small file sizes and fast downloads. You need your page to load as quickly as possible to ensure that your visitor doesn’t go somewhere else.

5. Study and analyze your clients every move!

Use your statistics to continuously mould your site according to your customer’s patterns.

6. Happy customers are returning customers!

Service your customers like your survival depends on it, because it does! Reply to emails within hours. Keep your commitments to your customers. If your site promises delivery in three days, that doesn’t mean five or 10. Word of mouth is an extremely effective marketing tool. Keep your customers happy and make it work for you!

7. Make the Search Engines fall in love with you!

Each product or category page has its own unique page and should be made up of its own set of keywords. Your home page can’t be everything to everybody; it can’t be ranked in the top 10 for every product your online shop carries. The numerous pages that make up your online catalogue can serve as a virtual sales force.

8. Feature your Products

Merchandising on the web means making clever use of your virtual shelf space. Choose some products to feature on your home page and rotate through them.

9. Provide the best service possible by being fully functional!

For starters, visitors should be able to add items to a “shopping cart.” Furthermore, they should be able to abandon their carts and return days later and still have the cart intact. They should also be able to create user accounts for ease of repeat ordering and checking order status. If it’s a consumer site, they should be able to buy and redeem gift certificates. Online ordering should of course be secure, with a 128-bit secure server certificate installed.

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