How much does E-commerce cost
February 25, 2015 0

There are many different web developers and all of them use different methods to determine the cost of an e-commerce website.  Every website is unique and different which makes it difficult to give a flat rate for any particular site.

Package rates, project pricing and hourly rates are three of the most common elements that will determine the final price.

E-commerce package rates

Pre-made packages are there to help your business, but might not have all the features that you want. It is best to consider all you options before making a final decision. Different e-commerce web design companies usually have a few basic packages that are already tailor-made. Most packages will however allow for add-ons or customization at an extra charge.

E-commerce Project Pricing

Many e-commerce development companies can offer you an affordable set price to complete your e-commerce project.  Be very careful to avoid any misunderstanding during the quoting process. You should make a thorough and complete list of all your requirements before you start your project. Then supply this list to your developer in writing. A good development company will then break down each section with a list of features and specifications for your website. This is very important as it will allow both parties to have clear expectations.

Charging hourly rates for e-commerce web design

Charging an hourly rate is very common for most website developers. There are many different factors that can influence this rate such as; experience, location or the size of the company. Many different web developers use different methods and the prices may vary.

Most importantly do your research and make sure that the web developer that you choose is worth the rate they are charging. You can do so by checking the designer’s portfolio, their past client’stestimonials or even with the clients themselves.

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