Elim Spa Products
Originator/CEO of Elim

It was my 4th attempt at my website. I am not a creative person but had an idea of what I wanted. What I found spectacular about Vertex was that Brad had the ability to understand what I wanted and design something accordingly. My brief was completely different to what I decided at the end and his patience through the process was amazing. He sat with me through the process, redoing pages, until I was completely satisfied. Vertex was prompt, every time I needed something they were there. When I needed help with some graphics, helping me with design work was no issue. When I didn’t understand PayPal he took the time to call me, install team viewer on my pc and guide me through the complete process. We had challenges with our online shop selling in different currencies. The Vertex group came with a solution, not waiting for me to give instructions. Service like this is very hard to find. I was completely amazed at how Brad and Marlie stayed patient and calm and ALWAYS kept to the deadlines. It was a pleasure dealing with them. As a result of this , I have decided to trust them with all our SEO work.